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Galley Air Sampler

Many harmful materials in gas, particulate, or vapour form are produced by industrial processes.

Developed for Unilever the Barwit Air Sampler samples the ambient atmosphere for a measured time by filtering the air intake through a glass micro fibre filter which traps the pollutants for analysis chemically, microscopically, or even visually.

Typically pollutants are:

  • Aerosol gases
  • Dust
  • Enzymes
  • Lead particles
  • Oil and acid smokes in air, flue and stack emissions
  • Hydrocarbons

The ability to sample other substances can be confirmed on request.

The mobile unit is rugged having been developed for continuous operation under factory conditions. It samples without disturbing surrounding dust particles ensuring an accurate representation of ambient pollutant levels

  • Variable Sample up to 600litre/min
  • 360 sample
  • Digital display inc. Flowrate Totaliser
  • Multisample head for various filters

Mk5 version includes variable sample height and timer

Galley Air Sampler Calibrator

Battery powered, the calibrator is a lightweight unit which fits on top of any current Galley sampler enabling calibration and testing of the sampler to SHE29. The unit comes with a step-by-step instruction manual and its own foam filled durable storage case and calibration certification


Barwit System 1
Barwit System 2

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